Success is Compassion

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What if we changed the global definition of success to - Compassion?

And what if compassion became totally in fashion?

LuvLingo apparel and accessories have messages designed for this effect. Our idea is to place messages in the public domain to cause people to pause, notice and respond to their environment in a more compassionate way.










Our mission is to bring awareness to three elements:

1. Individual Genius:   Trust Your Magic
2. Collective Genius:   Compassion is the New Economy.
3. Global Impact:        Sea Perfection Now.

By seeing the genius in ourselves, all others and in the environment as our vision, we can recognize and take the right steps now.

With compassionate language, we honor ourselves and all people, allowing us access to a higher level of intelligence.

From this higher level of intelligence we enjoy an expanded awareness to immediately see and act upon the solutions to our current challenges - to create a world where we all can get what we all want.

Thank you for supporting our cause.




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  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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